Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Pre-Season Game #2 Preview

By Josh Sidis

Before I begin the pre-season game preview for the second installment of Vegas Summer League, I mean the final pre-season game, I would like to take a moment and welcome everyone back to basketball.  We all have our thoughts on the past five months events, but now we can just focus on the fact that the Blazers are finally playing ball again and I can continue caring about the most important thing in the world: Blazers Basketball.  

Now onto our pre-season preview, which comes to you at no additional cost.  

Tonight the Blazers take on... Um... the Utah Jazz... I think... again...Which should inevitably be an awful professional basketball game.  Let's just be honest, pre-season games by nature are merely organized scrimmages, but this year who could possibly be ready?  Training camp started a week ago, Raymond Felton still has his Dairy Queen weight, Brandon Roy suddenly and unexpectedly retired, and Greg Oden has a new mysterious injury to a tendon that I’m pretty sure is only found on his body.  How could anyone be ready to play organized basketball right now? You saw the last game.  We simply ran with two feet in front of us and dribbled the basketball with both hands in order to beat an inferior team.

Sorry, I’m being really negative.  I need to get the lockout angst out before we get to some real basketball.  Let me just get to the preview part deux.  

Luke Babbitt shines tonight, going 34-48 with 23 three pointers.  (He was so close to that last night).  The Jazz bring back Andrei Kirilenko so he and Chris Johnson can battle for skinniest seven footer in the league.  Most importantly, and seriously, the Blazers will maintain their fast paced, high octane offense that nobody around the league believes they can pull off.  And, for a kicker, I'm predicting an E-Will between the legs, 360, cartwheel dunk to put the game away part way through the first.

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