Monday, June 20, 2011

Welcome to There’s Always Next Year…& Our Curse

There is nothing better than Trail Blazers basketball.  It is said time and time again that we have the best fans, and there is no denying it.  We are knowledgeable, loud (in the right way, not like Kobe working the officials), and we have a thirst for anything Blazers related.  That is why, despite a plethora of fantastic Blazers blogs, we have decided to create “There’s Always Next Year” to bring an added sense of humor and insight to the Blazers community and to try and break a horrible curse.

Most would agree that the single greatest thing about sports is how it brings people and families together.  We are cousins who used to like to get together at a sports bar, each other’s houses or the actual arena to eat wings so we could immerse ourselves in all things Trail Blazers.  Yet our love for the Blazers has resulted in tearing our second cousin-ness apart because of one sickening fact—together we are cursed. 

When we have watched games together in the last three years, the Blazers have won only once, which includes a back-to-back against the Nets and Wizards this past season.  When we convened at a local pub to watch Oden’s debut against the Lakers a few years back, we are fairly confident, our curse injured his foot.  The curse is powerful.

Our hope is this blog will reverse the curse, just as the Red Sox injected female hormones to swat away that pesky Bambino.  With your help, we can make this blog great and show the Blazers it is time to let Jonathan Ryan Davis and Joshua Isaac Sidis watch Blazers basketball together again. 

Do you have any Blazers related curses you are trying to overcome?  Please share with us!

--Jonathan & Joshua

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