Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Labor Negotiations Not Looking Good

By Jonathan Ryan Davis

Yesterday, the National Basketball Players Association, including player reps, Billy Hunter and President Derek Fisher met with David Stern and many of the owners.  The result of this meeting—nada.  Based on reactions from both sides, a resolution is nowhere in sight.  Many involved even inferred they would be shocked if any games are played in the 2011-12 season.

Let’s hope for the sake of all NBA fans around the world that the two sides can put their selfish agendas behind them and do what they are supposed to: compromise.  The finances of the league are in shambles and a new financial model is needed.  For this to occur, the players and the owners need to make serious concessions.  The NBA (owners and players) should learn from the NFL that a stable financial model can reap benefits for everyone. 

Hopefully the next meeting will result in at least partial movement in the right direction.

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