Friday, August 19, 2011

NBA Pre-Season Schedule Announced—Crushing Little Children’s Dreams

By Jonathan Ryan Davis

In an attempt to undermine the hopes and dreams of tiny basketball fans across the country, the NBA announced the pre-season schedule for the “upcoming” 2011-12 season yesterday.  The NBA is hoping this little teaser will get fans excited about a season they hope to get in; yet, any adult figure on this planet knows a full NBA season at this point is as real as the tooth fairy.

As adults, we can understand the motives of the NBA and the realities of the situation.  But the kids.  THE KIDS!  All they hear is: “THE NBA IS STARTING OCTOBER 9th!  YIPPEE!”  For these little tikes, they believe they are less than two short months away from their heroes taking the floor.  This is just another summer where they get to play outside, go to baseball games with their buddies, and when they gear up for their favorite high flying players that return to the hardwood soon after they are forced to go back to school.  The kids don’t understand the lockout, labor conflict, or what a collective bargaining agreement is.  They know a ball and a hoop.  Running.  Jumping.  Passing.  Shooting.

The NBA should put themselves in a timeout for giving hope to children around the world when they know they will be given the designation of “Naughty” this year (for those of you who believe in Santa and celebrate Christmas). 

We love our Blazers and want a full 2011-12 season to be a reality.  So NBA, instead of wasting your time making up a pre-season schedule that will likely not be used, go and get a deal done.  If not for us, for the kids!

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