Wednesday, August 31, 2011


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By Josh Sidis

Remember James “Hollywood” Robinson?  How could you forget a 6’2” southerner named “Hollywood”?  Drafted by the Blazers in the 1993 draft, Hollywood played in 58 games.  Not bad for a rookie guard with Terry Porter and Rod Strickland in front of you. 

Hollywood may not a have been as big a star in the pro’s that his name led on but he was a stellar college player.  Attending the University of Alabama, Hollywood set all sorts of scoring records, which built a lot of hype upon him foregoing his senior season to enter the NBA draft.  Hollywood was one of a few many players drafted in the early 90’s that helped usher in a new era in the NBA.  The game started to drift away from fundamentals and get a little flashier and nothing typified that more than James “Hollywood” Robinson.  He was young, brash, fast as hell and could score 30 before you knew what hit you… or he wouldn’t. 

Hollywood also completed the “Robinson Triumverate”, which is an old fable and oracle once told Paul Allen during his youthful sojourn to Katmandu.  The fable goes “Three sons of Robin will bring golden rings and the Larry O’Brien trophy,” the Oracle told Allen.  Allen pleaded desperately with Clyde Drexler to change his name to Clyde Robinson or Robinson Drexler to no avail.  So in 1993 Paul Allen forced Geoff Petrie to draft James “Hollywood” Robinson.  There is no citation needed for that previous story.  Its fact.  I swear.  Ask anyone. 

PS.  Happy Bday Hollywood!

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