Monday, August 22, 2011

Remember Me: Mark Bryant

By Josh Sidis

For my money no one represents the 90’s more than Mark Bryant (we will refer to Mark Bryant by his full name as to not confuse him with another Bryant that is not worthy of a mention on this blog).  Sorry, let me be more specific.  No one represents 90’s styles more than Mark Bryant.  With his Kid ‘n Play box and awesome-guy-goatee, Mark Bryant was a Hyper-Color jersey and a _____ away from being the poster child for the early 90’s. 

One thing you can’t take away from Mark Bryant is his heart.  He is another one of Portland’s bench players that the numbers don’t represent his impact on the game.  Averaging 5.4 points and 3.8 rebounds over his ten-year career, Mark Bryant added hustle to all 10 teams he played for.

My favorite Mark Bryant play is also a perfect example of the hustle he exhibited every time he stepped on the floor.  I can’t tell you the year or who we played, because my college days have severely harmed my memory, but I do know the game was at the Coliseum.  Mark Bryant checked into the game in the first quarter.  Play resumes with the Blazers on defense.  A Blazer player tips the ball and it makes a beeline out of bounds into the corner closest to the Blazers bench but it looks like it is headed into the locker room.  Out of no where Mark Bryant goes flying out of bounds after it, easily a good ten fifteen feet.  He keeps the ball in play and comes down on the corner of a wooden speaker on the floor.  Blazer Broadcasting shows the play over and over again and it appears to get worse and worse with every replay.  After a few minutes they get Mark Bryant to the locker room and surely he must be going to the hospital.  Nope.  One quarter later he is back out on the floor.  Mark Bryant finished the night with 125 pts and 73 rebounds.  Blazers win by 1,000.  I told you my memory is not what it used to be.

Here’s to you Mark Bryant.  May the box make a comeback.

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