Friday, August 5, 2011

Proposed New Charity Game—Walking Boots vs. Crutches

By Jonathan Ryan Davis

When the lockout ends, and the Blazers are looking to find a way to earn some good will points with the community, the Blazers should institute a new charity game tradition: walking boots vs. crutches. 

This is an ideal way for Portland to poke fun at its injury curse while giving fans a chance to watch their beloved team, god-like athletes, compete with a handicap, lowering their abilities to the likes of all of us weekend warriors. 

Imagine watching Wesley Matthews trying to cut hard to the basket for one of his patented layups with a walking boot on his right foot.  Then, Greg Oden fussing with his crutches to corral Matthews’ miss.  On the other end of the court, after an awkward outlet from Oden, Nicolas Batum spots up from three, a crutch under his left arm, unable to leap off the ground, as he tosses the ball toward the hoop. 

If it’s possible, this charity game would be played at a slower pace than Nate McMillan’s offense.

As a community, let’s push for this game to happen.  All proceeds can be given to the Children’s Hospital.

Go Blazers!

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