Thursday, January 12, 2012

Blazer-Magic Post Game Facts*

*Facts are not opinions.  They are facts.

By Josh Sidis
  • Blazers Win!!!
  • Damn.  From the very first minute thirty of this game the Blazers were down by a sizable deficit.  It's as though they issued a personal challenge to themselves and spotted the Magic eight points right off the bat.  Whoops.  It's hard enough to play a team with one good three point shooter and possibly the most agile big man in the game, but when there are four three- point-shooters (who were all ON FIRE) it becomes downright impossible to win.  
  • The Blazers made a solid run at the end of the game but 23 points is a worthy adversary.  
  • I love that we still boo Hedo Turkeglu.  
  • Ref Check:  that was a well called game.  We now have the respect of the officials so when we play a big market opponent or an opponent with a big star we will get equal treatment.  I like that.  
  • Kudos to Nate or letting Batum finish the game.  
  • When Raymond Felton figures out where everyone is or is going to be on the court he's going to be tough to stop.  
  • J Crossover. Enough said.  
  • Blazers Win!!! 

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