Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Game #5 Recap: Blazers vs. Thunder— Post Game Bullet Points

By Josh Sidis

  • Blazers win!! And look pretty damn good against a pretty damn good team.  This is a win where Nate McMillan's coaching style proves true.  The Blazers fell behind early because of a run-and-gun approach that Nate is letting them play.  And we did get to the rim and we did get fouled and we did get 73 first quarter free throws because of it.  But we all know that is not sustainable for one game let alone and entire (albeit 66 game) NBA season.  When we slowed down late in the second quarter and ran our offense through LaMarcus we made a sincere attempt to be a basketball team.  Running the offense through LMA brings me to my second Bullet Point...
  • LaMarcus Aldredge is a BEAST!!  This is not a surprise statement but one of exhausted exultation.  Finally.  Not only does he have consistent footwork and strength but he has added handwork as well.  Multiple occasions last night he was able to get separation by removing a hand check or subtely hooking his elbow around his defender then relying on his footwork to get him to the rim.  He's not Hakeem...yet... but if you consider he is solid from 20' you've got one hell of a complete player.  He finished with 30 and 8.  
  • ALSO... He should have socked Kendrick Perkins in his samurai mask face.  We here at TANY do not condone violence... with few exceptions.  Some of those exceptions being Kendrick Perkins, the Birdman and Rick Fox.  Do not mess with LaMarcus Aldridge.  Period. The End. 
  • Jamal Crawford and Raymond Felton are really really good. But they become better players when they play within Nate's system.  
  • The Thunder crowd is as flat as the state itself.
  • Oden is injured. 
  • MB and Mike Rice is the best crew in TV.  At least on the local level. 
That is my assessment.  Blazers are playing well.  Let's hope they can hold on to this level.  

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