Monday, January 9, 2012


*in no way should these facts be construed as opinions

  • Most important thing to keep in mind:  Blazers win!! 98-78.  
  • This game started out as quarters 5 and 6 from the Phoenix game.  Blazers came out flat, I mean, F-L-A-T.  it was ugly.  So many missed lay-ups.  So many unwarranted threes.  So much awful individual play.  Nate McMillan teams do not play one-on-one basketball.  The offense runs through one player and there are four other moving parts that make the team run efficiently.  When there are shimmiers and shakers and errant three-point shooters the Blazers are going to shoot sub 30% and turn the ball over at a higher than average rate.  
  • Blazers finish the game by a margin they should have started it with.  As long as I have been a Blazers fan they have done one thing consistently and that is play at the level of there opponent.  We can beat OKC and the Lakers while looking like a playoff ready team and then a couple of nights later we can shoot 28% against a team I would start on.   
  • Is there any chance Nicolas Batum can start?  Am I asking to much?  I do like our starting five but that is one talented guy to not start.  There were a few instances last night in which Batum hustled to get in position only to be overlooked or not seen at all, and each one of those times he physicalized his frustration.  I don't blame him.  
  • I am about to make a very unBlazer-fan statement:  The Blazers are actually getting some calls this year.  its remarkable.  Any coincidence that Steve Javie retires and we can finally get a decent game called?  
  • Mike and Mike: still the best play-by-play guys in the game.   
  • Blazers Win!!

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