Sunday, July 31, 2011

Nate McMillan Inner Monologue—This Off-Season Feels Different*

*In no way is this actually real news.

By Jonathan Ryan Davis

I miss basketball.  I want to coach.  Wish the owners and players felt more like me.  One year contract.  Earn your keep.  Play ball.  That’s all it should be.  The CBA should read: Play Hard, Play Smart, Play Ball.

There isn’t even USA ball this summer.  Why couldn’t the World Championships or Olympics have been this year?  Those guys can play.  And I can help them.  I don’t need a break.  I need players to mold.  Players to preach Defense to.  DE-FEEENSE!

At least kids still like to play ball in the summer.  I can teach them at camp.  “Play controlled.  Play methodical.  Play with your brain, not your cajones,” I tell them.  They listen, because I’m Coach Nate.  Coach Monty agrees.  Look at how he coached the Hornets.  Like me.

 I bet my wife will let me coach at home.  I am a master of the DVR, just ask her.  Or maybe Jamelle can use some help at Drake.  God I’m proud of him.  He really is better than Klay.  As I say, “Those who can play better than everyone else teach.”  That’s my boy.

They better figure this thing out soon.  Not for revenue.  Not for viewership.  For basketball.  The best DARN basketball in the world.  Where I coach.

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