Friday, June 24, 2011

Draft Day Thoughts—McMillan's Inner Monologue

David Stern’s new plan to let fans get closer to the game is to take you inside the minds of some of the game’s brightest...

4:03pm:  We got this.  Ready for war.  Got the table.  Got the computers.  Got the stache looking better than ever.  Ready.

4:40pm: Predictable, Irving at number one.  Duke players are good.  Trustworthy.  Smart.  We should take one.  Coachable.  I like coachable. Good luck Cleveland…hope things work better than your last #1.

5:09pm:  So many eastern European players.  Still not over the Cold War.  Respect Sabonis.  Understand the conflict.  Bleed red, white, and blue.  USA baby.
5:14pm:  Great pick Rich!  Biyombo.  Defense.  I like defense.  Wish Paul would bring Rich back.  Chad’s great, but no Cho.  Rich liked my moustache too.  Said it was better than Tom Selleck’s.  That’s props.

5:28pm:  Hate waiting.  I would rather be coaching.  Maybe Chad could use some coaching.  I’ll go try to motivate him.  He looks lost. I take my contact one year at a time.  I know I’m good.  Chad needs to know he could be good.  Confidence.  Confidence.

5:38pm:  Happy for my friend Mychal.  My son’s better though.  

5:55pm:  If I cried, I might shed a tear for the Morris twins.  Great story.  Good kids.  Good luck to them.  Minutes apart in birth and the draft.  Classic. 

6:09pm:  Come on Chad.  Do you want me to take over.  You could go get us some food.  I like the habanero fritters from Salvador Molly’s.  Spicy, but I can handle it.  I can handle anything.

6:24pm:  Up next.  I’m ready to coach Faried.  We need a big.

6:35pm:  Chad, another PG?  We need Rich.  Love the point.  Love Duke.  We need more bigs.  No more points.  This makes me want to pull out my stache hairs. 

6:43pm:  If Pritch were here he’d make a trade now to make me happy.  Pritch was coachable. 

6:45pm:  Chad.  Good trade.  It’s like you read my mind.  Maybe you are coachable too.  Pritch taught you well. Love Dre.  He called me out and that takes mox.  Gonna miss him.  Got Felton.  Like him.  Got energy.  Range.  Defense.  Young.  Played with Gerald.  Good fit.
7:10pm:  Chad’s shipping out Rudy.  That’s fine.  He made me lose my cool.  Good luck to him, but we need consistency and no whining.  God I hate whining. 

7:24pm:  Getting excited to start.  Will the NBA let us start practicing tomorrow?  I’m ready.  I’ll even go to my barber to trim the stache.  Have to look in control.  


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