Monday, June 27, 2011

The Pritch Slap Awards Winner!

The votes have been tallied.  The dais is adorned with a bedazzled NBATV microphone.  The GM's are in their finest Armani sweat suits.  It's time for... Drum roll please... ... Fine. We will go without the drum roll... The Pritch Slap Awards!

The nominees for most bad ass GM in an NBA draft are:

Rich Cho, with the Charlotte Bobcats.  Rich had a decent draft for someone that was hired by a team he swindled a few months prior.  That situation calls to mind the scene in "Catch me if you Can" when Frank Abignale gets hired by the FBI and then he has to go into the office and work with the people he just screwed over.  I guess if your Charlotte you are just happy to have this guy on your side.    

David Morway, with the Indiana Pacers.  The Pritch Slap Awards are not just about making your team better, they can also be about ruining another team.  Which is why we have nominated David Morway.  The trade that landed George Hill may not make Indiana a contender but it certainly took the Rascal(tm) out from under the San Antonio Octogenarians.  Now how is Old Man Duncan supposed to get up and down the court?  

Chad Buchanan, with our Portland TrailBlazers.  Don't be fooled by the title Interim GM, on Chad's W2 it reads: Intern to Mr. Allen.  Which is a pattern with Portland, the namesake of this award did his best work in the 2006 Draft as an assistant GM.  Chad did past Portland GM's proud with this draft, trading away three players to two teams, bringing in Raymond Felton and drafting another three.  All told, Chad had his hands on 8 players in this draft.  That is special.  

And the winner is...

Chad Buchanan!!  

Congratulations Chad!  Keep this up and one day there will be an award with your likeness!

Do you agree with our pick?  Tell us what you think in the comments and check out the poll to cast your vote as well.


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