Thursday, June 23, 2011

First Annual Pritch Slap Award

It’s Draft Day!! So in honor of this auspicious occasion we are paying homage to the Genius at GM, the Peter Piper of Picking, the Drexler of Drafting, Kevin Pritchard!!  This man single handedly changed a franchise in one draft.  The Pritch Slap Award will be given out tonight to the GM (or interim GM, come on Chad!) who best exemplifies the art of the one sided trade.

Just to give you an idea of what it takes to win the Pritch Slap Award, here are some highlights from the man himself:

3.  In the 2008 NBA Draft Kevin Pritchard executed a string of trades that landed the Blazers with Nicolas Batum… Pritch Slapped!

2.  In the 2006 NBA Draft Pritchard traded Tyrus Thomas (our #4 pick) and Viktor Khryapa to the Chicago Bulls for Lamarcus LaMarcus Aldridge (their #2 pick).  Not only did Pritchard bring Lamarcus LaMarcus to Portland, where LMA is now the man, Pritch had the foresight to keep Aldridge off the Bulls who drafted Derrick Rose two years later… Chicago… Pritch Slapped!!

1.  Oh, and that very same draft, Pritchard traded Randy Foye and cash to Minnesota for future NBA all-star and Rookie of the Year, Brandon Roy…  Minnesota and  the rest of the NBA… Pritch Slapped!


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