Sunday, July 17, 2011

Congrats to Japan--World Cup Champions

In a follow up to the Women's World Cup post last week (link here), I want to extend a heartfelt congratulations to the World Cup champions, Japan.  Nobody predicted they would make the finals.  Nobody thought they would win.  But sometimes heart and determination win out over everything else.  The Japanese team was playing to resurrect the collective will of its people following the aftermath of their devastating earthquake.  The feel-good favorites of the tournament, the Japanese women showed inspiring resiliency in coming back twice against the US to win in penalty kicks. 

This year's Women's World Cup should be an example to all athletes, including the Portland Trail Blazers.  The great teams never fold.  They never lose faith in one another.  They always leave it out on the field/court.  The US women played an energetic, and at times dominating match, barely missing on numerous opportunities to score.  So instead of wallowing in their defeat, the US team should be proud of their effort throughout the tournament.  Sometimes the best team loses, and that's OK.  That's what makes sports great.  And today was a great day for sports.


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