Saturday, July 23, 2011

H206 Charity Game—BRoy Disappoints

By Jonathan Ryan Davis

A couple days ago, we posted (link here) about how much we hoped to learn about Brandon Roy’s physical and mental state by his performance in the H206 charity basketball game in Seattle’s Key Arena.  This statement by the Washington Post (link here) says it all:

“About the only disappointment on this afternoon for the 5,000 or so that showed up was the decision by Roy and Rodney Stuckey to sit out the event. Roy, who was used in the promotion of the event, said he was concerned about his surgically repaired knees and that his final doctor’s recommendation before the lockout was that he avoid playing in these type of events.”

Roy’s decision to not play in this event tells us two things.  First, even with three months of rest, Roy’s doctors still don’t feel he is healthy enough to play in a relaxed, pick-up style game with friends.  If there is concern over his knees now, what kind of shape will they be in when he has to play three nights a week?  In other words, his physical status is questionable at best.  

Second, he could have challenged his doctors to play a more reserved role in the game to give the Seattle fans a small show (which is why many attended).  Instead, he made an appearance and watched from the sidelines.  My guess is Roy didn’t want to participate unless he could be the All-Star player his fans were used to.  In other words, his mental status is questionable at best.

There is a chance his doctors actually told him not to play in any pick-up games and instead focus on training and practicing in a structured setting.  If that is the case, which I hope it is, Roy is just trying to be a practical professional who wants to avoid frivolous injuries.  Just ask Steve Smith of the Carolina Panthers about injuries caused by events in which he should not have been playing.  Yet, I have a sickening feeling that this was more about Roy and less about his doctors.

Let’s hope BRoy has a changed mentality by the time the season comes, be it October or January.  We need him, a transformed him, to be a great team.

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